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Country : HongKong, Shenzhen & Macau

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China Shenzhen is a city in the GuangdongProvince of China, located at the fringes of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Currency : Hong Kong dollar (HKD)

Time Zone :HKT (UTC+8)

Calling Code : +852
Languages : Chinese, English

Weather Conditions : Hong Kong can be a little chilly in the winter (10°C) and hot and humid in the summer (33°C). The best times of year to visit are thus, spring (March-May), when the average temperature is around 25°C and autumn (September-December).Christmas in Hong Kong can be a delight with a fair chance of mild sunny weather that will appeal to those coming from colder northern climates. The so-called "Golden Weeks" beginning May 1 and Oct 1, is of main attractions.

Food : HongKong is known as ‘Gourmet Paradise’, is home to a wide range of international cuisines. The cuisine of Hong Kong is a delicious mix of eastern and western food. Traditional dishes served in cha chaan teng and dai pai ding are widely popular. Rice is the staple dish. Some of the popular dishes include poon choi, peking duck, and tofu pudding. Chrysanthemum Tea is the most favourite drink. Dim Sum Dim sum is a wide range of delightful Chinese snacks served in bamboo baskets accompanied by Chinese tea. Having dim sum in Hong Kong is a unique experience you shouldn't miss. Seafood For a distinctive culinary experience, try the fresh seafood. The freshness is guaranteed as you can select live fish from tanks at the restaurant. Whether you like steamed, fried or grilled seafood, try it cooked Hong Kong-style! All-time favorites are congee, noodles and rice dishes. Siu Mei, Tong Sui, Street food, Exotic meats.