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Country : the Republic of Singapore

A city-state in Southeast Asia, on the southern tip of Malay Peninsula. Singapore is the world's fourth leading financial centre and its economy is often ranked amongst the world's top ten most open, competitive and innovative. The country is also a highly cosmopolitan World City, with a key role in international trade and finance.

Currency : Singapore dollar (SGD).
Time Zone :UTC +8

Calling Code : +65

Languages : English (official), Mandarin Chinese (official), Malay (official and national), Tamil (official)

Religion : Religion Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Taoism, Confucianism

Weather Conditions : 28C (84F) daytime, 23C (76F) at night in December and January.
32C (90F) daytime, 26C (81F) at night for the rest of the year

Food : with significant influences from British, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Tamil cuisine, and Indonesian cuisine. Everyday Singaporean food includes Hainanese chicken rice, Fish and chips, and satay. Keep an eye out for the Singapore Food Festival, held every year in July,specialities are A plate of chilli crab, Katong laksa, with chilli paste and chopped laksa leaf in a spoon, Satay with peanut sauce, onions and cucumber