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Country : Australia

Capital : Canberra

Largest City : Sydney

Currency : Australian dollar (AUD)

Time Zone : UTC +8 to +10

Calling Code : +61

Languages : Aussie: Australian English

Weather Conditions : The north is hot and tropical,while south tends to sub-tropical and temperate. Most rainfall is around the coast.The daytime maximum temperatures in Darwin rarely drop below 30C even in winter, while night temperatures in winter usually hover around 15-20C, in the southern hemisphere the winter is June-August while December-February is summer. The winter is the dry season in the tropics, and the summer is the wet. In the southern parts of the country, the seasonal temperature variation is greater and the rainfall is more evenly distributed throughout the year.

Food : To categorize food into modern Australian food, bush tucker, Asian food, and Australian's favorite. Meat pies, Vegemite sandwiches, Lamingtons, Arnetts Biscuits and sausage rolls, seared kangaroo fillet with wilted beetroot greens and roasted onions, fresh ingredients such as seafood, local fruits, beef and lamb, as well as its world class cheeses. Each state has its acknowledged specialties, which travelers should take advantage of.