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Country : New Zealand

Capital : Wellington

Largest City : Auckland

Currency : New Zealand dollar (NZD)

Time Zone : NZDT (UTC+12 to 13)

Calling Code : +64

Languages : English and Maori

Weather Conditions : TThe coldest month is July, and our warmest is in January; Average temperatures are around 15C in the upper North Island, and around 10C near the bottom of the South Island. The climate is fairly mild, without the extremes experienced in many other countries. In fact, New zealand doesn't tend to have temperatures over 35C or under -10C. It tends to snow only in the mountains in the North Island, and mainly in the Southern Alps in the South Island, although it has been known to snow on some of the cities on the East Coast of the South Island from time to time.

Food : Maori and Pakeha cuisines form an important aspect of the local culinary. Some indigenous speciality from New Zealand includes Pavlova (a meringue dessert named the famous ballet dancer) and colonial goose, which is surprisingly a roasted leg of lamb. Whitebait, usually cooked with eggs as fritters. Bluff Oysters, Similar to French Belons and equally flavorsome, the bluff oysters are mainly found at the bottom of the South Island and are difficult to obtain live in the shell outside the Bluff region. Greenshell Mussels, The greenshell mussels are dissimilar from the black-shelled varieties found elsewhere in the world. These mussels are bountiful in supermarkets Paua, Paua is a local abalone found inside a bluish-green shell that looks hideous. However, when cooked, the abalone is simply delicious. Tuatua Like the whitebait, the tuatua are local clams, which are usually minced and used in fritters. Also in the clam family is the Pipi, which is found in the coastal estuaries. Kumara The world's most waxy sweet potato is wonderful boiled, steamed, baked, or mashed. The Maori makes a traditional hangi by cooking the potatoes in an earth oven style. Tea in New Zealand is not just a beverage, but an integral part of the country’s culture. The wines from the country are very popular worldwide. New Zealand is now among the top wine producers in the world, winning international medals and trophies.