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Country : United Arab Emirates

Dubai is one of the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates and is also the main city of that emirate.

Capital : Abudhabi

Emirate : Dubai

Currency : Emirati dirham (AED)
Time Zone : (UTC+4)

Calling Code : +971

Languages : The official language is Arabic, but English and Urdu are also widely spoken. Language, along with other languages like Persian, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Tagalog.

Weather Conditions : The summer months, from June to September, are too hot for comfort. Mid-day temperatures range from 35C to 42C, and occasionally top 49C at the height of summer. During this period there is a sharp drop in night time temperature. 20C to 28C, and providing a welcome respite from the searing heat of the day.

Food : Shawarma is the most available in almost street (and cheap!) in Dubai. It is the arabic equivalent of the Burger. It is meat that has been cooked on a skewer and then cut into thin strips and placed into a kuhbus(pita) bread with vegetables and dressing. It costs about AED5($1.30) for the plain-jane variety and up to AED 5 ($1.30) for the more exotic Lebanese and Iranian varities. Another local snacks is Fala-Fil (Felafel, Falafel) also available at about the same costs as the shawarma. Dubai is an excellent place to sample all types of Gulf and Middle Eastern cuisine, including Iranian, Moroccan and Lebanese. Arabian food makes up an important part of most buffet spreads. Specialities include: Hoummus, a paste made from chickpeas and sesame seeds. Tabbouleh, chopped parsley, mint and crushed wheat. Ghuzi, a whole roast lamb on a bed of rice mixed with nuts. Wara enab, vine leaves stuffed with rice. Koussa mahshi, stuffed courgettes. Local dishes include: Matchbous, spiced lamb with rice. Hareis, a rich delicacy of slow-cooked wheat and tender lamb. Seafood served with specially seasoned rice. Naturally, dates are a feature of any Arabian meal. Delicious regional desserts include: Umm Ali (literally "Mother of Ali"), a type of bread pudding. Esh asaraya (meaning bread of the harem), a sweet kind of cheesecake with a cream topping. Mehalabiya which is a pudding sprinkled with rosewater and pistachios. You can drink tea with the locals or try some of the unleavened bread from the traditional bakeries while you shop for beautifully decorated textiles